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5 Timeless Kitchen Trends You'll Never Get Tired Of

Design of Kitchen styles keeps on changing with the passage of time. You might have the latest kitchen design for the time being but like most kitchen styles it will fad now or then. However, notwithstanding these passing impulses, there are few classic kitchen designs that are Never Going out Of Style.

For good reason, some types of kitchen styles survive: they are simply built and designed, are stunning to see and appear to cater to a wider audience. And because kitchens are costly to build and update, a wise step for homeowners is to follow classic and timeless trends for designing kitchens.

So if you want a new kitchen that you're going to enjoy for years to come (or maybe even sell later in the future), sticking to what's tried and tested is wise. Here are the top 5 classic trends in kitchens where you cannot go wrong.


  1. White cupboards

Whether you prefer glossy acrylic or matt, it still looks clean and new with white cabinets. And really, how many dark or black kitchens have you ever seen?

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If you're redoing your cooking area, lean heavily on white because the hue helps reflect light, making your room look bigger. And also white kitchen goes with every other colour or texture you'd like to bring in, later on, making this area an easy one to design in future.


  1. Marble counters

Marble is the kitchen world's Energizer Bunny; it just keeps on going and going. Numerous property holders favour this counter material, despite the fact that it's permeable and maintenance can be a headache.

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In case you're searching for another option, try white quartzite. It would appear like marble, however, it's stronger—or considers designed quartz-like Caesarstone, which is amiable to mitring.


  1. Stainless-steel Appliances

Stainless steel is classic partially in light of the fact that it goes with many streamlined, modern styles and as well as more ornate kitchens too. Stainless steel Appliances also look cool and clean, so it's a solid choice for an upgraded look.

And fortunately for organized house owners, some stainless steel requires very low care as technology has improved a lot, and even fingerprint-free stainless-steel appliances are available now.

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  1. Integrated appliances

A kitchen wall of integrated/built-in, coordinating kitchen cabinet fronts that hide your fridge and dishwasher may appear to be dull and plain, however, this streamlined, consistent look is unquestionably timeless.

Integrated appliances are very compact than, say, a washing machine or refrigerator that stands alone, and they save a lot of space. A cabinet can easily become a freezer. Furthermore, matching up doors with appliances fronts adds more warmth than a lot of metal can.


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  1. Kitchen islands

Regardless of whether your island is a free-standing table or a built-in behemoth, scarcely any homeowners are happy to cast this expansive workspace aside. Choose from brightly coloured lacquers painted finishes or natural wood.

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