Understanding the Cost of a New Kitchen in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide image

Understanding the Cost of a New Kitchen in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

Investing in a new kitchen is a significant undertaking that can transform your house into a home and provide a space for meals, family, and gatherings. Moreover, a new kitchen often adds value to your property. When searching for a new kitchen online, you'll come across various companies vying for your attention by offering deals on kitchens. However, deciding between cabinets, doors, appliances, worktops, companies, accessories, and bespoke designs can impact the cost. Even budget options can set you back a few thousand pounds. The layout, size, desired appearance, and functionality of your kitchen are crucial factors that determine the price. Additionally, opting for big designer brands and appliances will likely increase the cost. On average, a new kitchen in the UK will cost around £8,000, including the removal of the old kitchen, labor, materials, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Why should you consider buying a new kitchen from TKC Kitchens?


If you're willing to have samples posted rather than viewing an expensive showroom and prefer better price options (as we always beat the showroom competition on prices), then give us a call. We don't have a showroom, which reduces our overhead costs, ultimately allowing us to offer better quality products at much better prices.

Factors that can Affect the Cost:

Hiring a Kitchen Fitter or Kitchen Carpenter/Joiner: When you hire a kitchen fitter, they may need to subcontract electrical and plumbing work, increasing labor costs. However, since the kitchen fitters likely have a longstanding relationship with these subcontractors, it's usually more cost-effective than hiring them individually. A sole trader or independent kitchen fitter may charge upwards of £2,000 for labor alone.

Breakdown of Costs: To better understand the cost breakdown, let's consider an example:

Task Specification: An average kitchen requires approximately two weeks of work, including removing and discarding the existing kitchen, removing the flooring, rewiring and rerouting wires and plumbing, tiling the floor, installing kitchen units, worktops, appliances, and painting and tiling.

Workers Required and Daily Rates:

Kitchen fitter (£120 - £180)

Electrician (around £200)

Plumber (around £120)

Plasterer with a helper (£200 to £200)

In this scenario, the plasterer and plumber may only be required for three days out of the two weeks, resulting in a combined wage of around £550. The electrician may be required at various stages, with their pay totaling around £900. The kitchen fitter's cost for approximately two weeks of work is likely to be around £1,000+. Adding an average of £4,000+ for materials and units, the total cost approaches the previously mentioned national average of £8,000.

Please note that this is the national average for all kitchen companies, while our average cost is much lower.

FAQ - New Kitchen Cost:

I want to view my kitchen in a showroom. Is there a big difference in price?

Our customers have told us that they have saved massively compared to showroom prices. As long as customers are transparent about the quotes they have and show us the best price received, we can quickly advise if we can beat the price. We also encourage you to visit other kitchen companies to see the difference in price, saving you thousands of pounds. Running a showroom can cost thousands, and that's just one showroom. Multiply this by more, and you should be able to understand why buying online and receiving samples in the post will save you money.

I don't want to use a subcontractor to fit my kitchen. Can you fit it?

We also encourage customers to find local reputable fitters, which can be found online from many reputable website and platforms. Depending on the location and project we are able to offer kitchen installation, it's always worth contacting us to find out more.

Can you design my kitchen?

Yes, we can design your kitchen we provide a full kitchen design service via an online meeting at a time that is convenient for you and your family.  We discuss the room size first so you will need to measure your room with just a tape measure. We can provide guidance on how this is done and it is very simple to do.


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